Trezor Promo Codes & Discount Coupons 2020

Trezor are currently giving out a free Trezor one with every Model T purchased; a spare is always a great way to safeguard your cryptocurrency, alongside making for a great gift. Click the link above and get your free Trezor One today. Alternatively, continue reading for some of the hottest Trezor discounts and deals this 2020, alongside more information on the company.

Trezor Promo Codes & Discount Coupons 2020

Trezor hardware wallets are an ingenious way to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and secure; as such, it’s no surprise many of you are looking for some Trezor promo codes & discounts. These hardware wallets are an already cost-effective way to keep your currencies safe. However, we’ve scoured the web to deliver some of the top Trezor promo codes/discount coupons of 2020. First, a quick rundown on the benefits of a Trezor hardware wallet below, alongside the models on offer.

Trezor Model T promo code discount

When stored online, sensitive data can be copied and stolen; however a hardware wallet eliminates this risk entirely, storing your crypto offline. Far safer than relying on online exchanges and wallet providers, susceptible to hacking and exit scams. Capable of supporting a huge number of cryptocurrencies, such as: BTC, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Stellar and many, many more. Furthermore, the Model One actually supports over 1000+ different cryptocurrencies, perfect for those with a diverse portfolio.

Protect your savings & save stress

Users have the ability to easily recover access via an offline backup should they need; preventing a potentially life changing situation in just 5 minutes. Trezor also take great pride in offering 5 star customer support; with experts on hand to assist at all times, day and night. Take your pick from a choice of wallet models, each with their own benefits. Trezor also currently offer a number of multi-pack promo codes and discounts for the Model One/T in a variety of colours. Otherwise, take your pick from the T, One (available in black, white & metallic) and the Ultimate Pack. Furthermore, many of these models include a Cryptosteel cassette; double sided, stainless steel sheet that allows you to store and protect up to 96 characters of data physically. This cassette is resistant to fire, corrosion, electricity, flooding and other impacts.

Trezor Model T Promo Code

Firstly, the Trezor Model T; cited as the “next generation cryptocurrency wallet” and designed as a universal vault for your portfolio. The Model T supports over 1000+ cryptocurrencies and allows the user to easily back up their entire wallet. As mentioned previously, this backup process takes just 5 minutes to reverse a potentially bankrupting event. The Model T offers U2F authentication, FIDO2 authentication, GPG encryption, SSH, microSD card, Shamir backup and much more. Currently, the Trezor offer a multi-pack promo code/discount for the T, with savings of $60. This multi-pack makes for a nice present and a great way to safeguard the investments of your family and friends. Check out the Trezor Model T promo code below.

Save $60 with Trezor Model T promo code

Use Trezor promo code/link for $60 off Model T multi-pack

Save $60

Trezor Model One Promo Code

Moving on to the Trezor Model One, available in both black and white. Also supporting over 1000+ coins and beginner friendly, the Trezor One offers U2F authentication, GPG encryption, bitcoin-only firmware and more. The Model One also operates as a U2F hardware token; whilst ordinary tokens lack a display, users can check their Model One and double check what they’re approving. Whilst a little older, this model definitely still performs as intended; keeping your cryptocurrency safer than any wallet provider and making the Model One extremely cost effective. Much like its successor, Trezor are also offering multi-pack promo codes and discounts for the Model One. As previously mentioned, these multi-packs are a cheap and effective way to secure your financial investments; whilst also making a great gift. Check out the Trezor Model One promo code below and save $25.

10% discount on Model One

Use this coupon at checkout for 10% off your new Trezor One with your purchase.

Get a free Trezor One for every Model T bought

Use this link and get a free Trezor One with your purchase.

Save $25 with Trezor Model One promo code

Use Trezor promo code/link for $25 off Model One multi-pack

Save $25
Save $25 with Trezor Model One promo code

Use Trezor promo code/link for $25 off Model One multi-pack

Save $25

trezor hardware wallet discount 2020Trezor Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020

In 2019, Satoshi Labs extended their Trezor Black Friday promo, so that customers who missed the original deal could benefit from a 30% discount for an extra 3 days. Unfortunately, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal frenzy is now over and there wasn’t a Boxing Day deal; as such, we don’t think we’ll see discounts of this magnitude until Trezor release their Black Friday 2o2o promotion. We believe it more than likely that Trezor will participate in some juicy Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, alongside other top competitors.

Subscribe to this page below if you’d like to be notified of further information. Please note, the offer below has expired, however you’re more than welcome to try. Ensure you routinely check back here for updates and additional Trezor promo codes and discounts. Alternatively, check out the Ledger hardware wallet, mining software reviews or the rest of our hardware wallet reviews.

Save 30% storewide from 26 November to 3 December

Use the link to the right to have a 30% discount applied at checkout. Works for all products

Save €58.08

Trezor Black Friday Promo Code 2019

The Trezor Black Friday discount period ran from 26 November to 3 December 2019. The offers are now expired, but any price drops we receive will be listed on this page. Signup to our newsletter to get the information first!

9.5 Total Score
Trezor Hardware Wallet Review

Trezor is a market leading hardware wallet with possibly the most trusted reputation in the industry. The wallet is affordable, highly secure and able to support a wide variety (1000+) different currencies. As a partner of Trezor we are a discount code distributor. If you're looking to get the best price, use the Trezr discount/promo code above to get the best price. In terms of ease of use, the setup of the Trezor wallet is very simple and intuitive and the security is second to none. It was out #1 recommended hardware wallet in 2019. These hardware wallets are a life saving innovation to crypto-connoisseurs worldwide. Back up your portfolio, allowing your to recover from disaster in minutes. These wallets come with a huge number of benefits whilst extremely competitively priced. We honestly can't recommend these hardware wallets enough; saviours of both stress and life-savings at such a low price, a truly essential piece of kit.

Reputation & trust
Overall design aesthetic
Customer support
  • Great design and overall aesthetic.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Supports over 1000 coins.
  • Affordable price.
  • May require separate wallets for different coins.
  • Does not support Ripple.
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